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Orkla Foods Finland Oy
P.O. Box 683
FI-20361 Turku

Street address: Rydöntie 14 b
Tel. +358 20 785 4000
Fax +358 20 785 4061


Company Introduction

Orkla Foods Finland Oy is one of Finland’s leading food manufacturers. Our production plants are located in Turku, Lahti and Rymättylä. The Turku plant specializes in the manufacturing of pickled vegetables and herrings, while dairy products and spreads are produced in Lahti. In addition to our own production, we also market ketchup, juices, fish products, fresh pastas, pizzas and other frozen foods. Our goal is to gain the leading position in every product group, and to be one of the most profitable companies of the Finnish food industry.

Orkla Foods Finland Oy is a part of the Orkla Foods Fenno-Baltic division, which is a part of the Norwegian Orkla Group. The Orkla Group operates in the branded consumer goods, aluminium solutions, materials and financial investment sectors. The company’s turnover in 2010 was 7,2 billion euros, and it had altogether approximately 30,000 employees.

In addition to Orkla Foods Finland Oy, also the Finnish Oy Panda Ab, the Estonian AS Kalev Chocolate Factory and AS Põltsamaa Felix, the Latvian SIA Spilva and the Lithuanian UAB Suslavicius-Felix belong to the Orkla Foods Fenno-Baltic. The turnover of the Orkla Foods Fenno-Baltic in 2010 was 183 million euros with approximately 1140 employees.

Other Orkla Foods Fenno-Baltic Group companies in brief:

Oy Panda Ab is the leading manufacturer of liquorice and chocolates within the Finnish confectionery industry. Moreover, Panda has a strong international position on the liquorice market. Approximately 30% of the Panda products are exported. The production facilities of Panda are located in Vaajakoski, Finland.

AS Kalev Chocolate Factory is the leading producer of confectionery in Estonia.

AS Põltsamaa Felix is the market leader in the manu- facturing of ketchup, mustard, fruit and berry-based products, mayonnaise and preserved vegetables in Estonia.

The Latvian SIA Spilva produces tomato sauces, mayonnaise and preserved vegetables that have the leading position on the Latvian market.

In Lithuania, UAB Suslavicius-Felix is the market leader of ketchup and margarine products.